April 1, 2016



Victorian is the new chick in this era. And it's not go out of style yet...
Ruffles and Pleats, Puffy Sleeves, High-Collar Necklines, and Loads of Flowers.

If you think ruffles and pleats are so unstyle and old, you are wrong. There are so many option these day about ruffles and pleats that still make you a tots-amazing.

Nia choose the white high-slit skirt to paired the pleats shirt and rara choose the black skirt to paired the ruffle shirt.

Oh and yeah, we think this post it so adorable because our earrings and Nia's bag! who doesn't love little pony? No one. 

Her name is penelope btw. Xx

Nia: Top (Chocochips), Skirt (Esprita from Berrybenka.com), Shoes (Ezra from www.zalora.co.id), Bag (Yayang)
Rara : Top (Cocolyn Apparel from www.zalora.co.id), Skirt (Gaudi), Shoes (Yongki Komaladi), Earrings (@lure_id on instagram)


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