November 27, 2016

Hogwarts Geek


Recently, our Hogwarts confirmation letter has arrived and now, we can't wait to go to the legendary Platform 9 3/4!!

We will learn magic at Hogwarts.
The fashion magic, 
and bring the new fashionable uniform from 20s era.

This post is inspired by school uniform, the geek-chic style.
But, let's be a bad-ass geeks! put your short A-line skirt and get an A in every subject you take.
School will never be boring no more, if we know how to make it fun. And it start from how we dressed.

See you at Hogwarts, peeps!

bag: on instagram
case: on instagram

Nia: Dress (Ada), Top (Local Brand), Shoes (H&M), Earrings (
Rara: Top (Colorbox), Skirt (Colorbox), Shoes (Nike), Bag (Jansport)


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instagram- mixmikha/mutiaranidasha

November 2, 2016



After a busy fashion week, we report to you the biggest fashion annual in Indonesia.
We attended the first day and accidentally dressed in black tones.

Here are some of our outfit of the day at JFW2017 captured by our friend and photographer, Ridwan.

Nia: Dress (Luna Habit,, Shoes (Something Borrowed from, Bag (, Chocker (@tum.blrk - instagram)
Rara: Dress (Colorbox), T-shirt (Colorbox), Shoes (

and here are some show that we thought are stand out, undoubtedly amazing, and been the highlight of JFW2017.

photo: @texsaverio (ig)

photo: @stephanietjongofficial (ig)

photo: @eds_photoworks (ig)

photo: @barliasmara (ig)

photo: @ariefsusanto1 (ig)

photo: @keziawarouw  (ig)

photo: @andhitasiswandi (ig)

Hayati @persoa_mgt for PATRICK OWEN SS17
photo: @andhikadharmapermana (ig)

There a lot of Indonesian designer's majestic collection here at JFW2017, and for sure it is a sign that Indonesia always developed fashion in every way. Can you predict the trend that will come to our neighborhood from the runway? Let us know what you think.


T h a n k y o u
Happy Halloween!
Have yourself some candy and trick or treat!
See you in the next post! xx

October 12, 2016

The Legally Pink (with Q&A)


We are coming back with some fresh air after the dark theme lol.
In this post, we wear pinks. All the pink tones, 
"Wednesday we wear pink." you know that right? Mean girls, who doesn't love it?!

And yes, you can see this cafe is too adorable.. 
We were collaborated with Find Out Coffee (@findoutcoffee at ig)
They served a really good coffee, we'd love to come back soon,
you should come too sometimes!

Fyi, Mikha bought a local brand top and decided to do some DIY, it was a plain basic high neck that every store have but with a little DIY like her, you can own your unique-trend item that no one has yet. How cool is that? And for the skirt, she made it by herself as a fashion design student.

Out of explaination, we give you 18 Q&A about us!
Hope you love it as much as we do!
Kindly contact us for some chit chat and else.😊
Ig: @mixmikha / @mutiaranidasha

1. What made you two decided to start blogging? 
"It was around one year ago and basically, Nia inspired by, and came up by the idea 'why don't we make a blog together? it would be fun!'. We have a different style and we developed this blog together, we think it what makes us different from other blogger. We want to show to the readers how to pull a trend item in our style, how make a floral skirt to be edgy or a plain t-shirt to be more extravagant. Something like that.."

2. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?
"Nia : I don't have that 'one' fashion inspiration because, honestly.. I was inspired by a lot of women around the world. Nothing specific. But i would go with Victoria Beckham, Eleanor Calder and some 90s kids lol.
Rara : i will vote for Ayla Dimitri and some fashion influencers in Indonesia, basically.."

3. Jakarta or Bali?
"Nia : Bali.
Rara : Baliiii!! I hate Jakarta's traffic."

4. Heels? or Flats?
"Nia : Heels. No offense.πŸ’πŸΌ
Rara : I prefer sneakers, lol.."

5. What is your dream job?
"Nia : I want to be a fashion designer based on London and collaborated with Victoria Beckham... I currently take fashion major class on high school and planning to go to LaSalle College Jakarta next year, wish me luck!😁
Rara : I'd love to work in a Magazine and have some bussiness by my own.✌🏼"

6. How would you describe your own personal style?
"Nia : 90s grunge, sexy-feminine, floral and printed here and there, duh.
Rara : A little bit boyish, basic, and edgy, i think."

7. Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?
"Nia : Zalora and Berrybenka. I just love online shopping so much because i got so busy with school, fashion show and else and just in one click my problem solved. It was magic. But i love H&M, like.. really really love to shop there.'
Rara : Yeah, online shop is easier..*shrug* i went with Zalora, Berrybenka, and some online shop at Instagram.. but sometime i shopped at Colorbox, H&M, and Stradivarius."

8. Favorite brands?
"Nia : H&M, Forever21, Miss Selfridge, Ada, Something Borrowed.
Rara : Stradivarius, Colorbox, Cocolyn Apparel, H&M."

9. What do you spurge on? (spend a lot of money on)
"Nia : Shopping.... the feeling when you touch the new fabric with the significant smell.. oh! or when your feet fit that one pretty nude pumps!  
But i spend a lot on novels, books and magazine too.*shrug*
Rara : Hahaha.. Hangout, XXI, Timezone, and yesss!! Shoppingggg!!😍😍😍."

10. McDonald's or Kfc?
"Both : Mcdonaldddddds!!!😍😍."

11. Your must item in your bag?
"Nia : Phone, Pouch, Charger, and Lipstick.
Rara : Phone, Pouch, Lipstick and Tissue."

12. What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?
"Nia : My High Pant Jegging from Factorie.
Rara : My jeans and my the-most-comfortable sweater in the world."

13. The good and bad thing to be a fashion blogger?
"The good things are something like.... we can express ourselves to the fullest, whatever you wore represented you and maybe you will overdressed sometimes but who cares? We are fashion blogger.πŸ’πŸΌπŸ™…πŸΌ and oh, the feeling when people know you and you just got a lot of new friends and opportunities. The bad thing.. maybe be like, people will think 'oh another fashion blogger'. It just because there are some many fashion bloggers and celebgram nowadays. So, we really need to be stand up to be different. That's the challege. But we had fun too hahaha."

14. When you can't think of anything to wear, what's your go-to outfit?
"Nia : I think i'll go with my Logo Jeans and some stripes top.
Rara : Jeans and sweater, πŸ™†πŸΌπŸ’πŸΌ."

15. Celebrity crush?
"Nia : Harry Styles. I mean, look at his magical hair.. or how well he dressed. Adore him.
Rara : Justin bieberr!!!! Just omg look at how hot he is! Duh!"

16. Kendall or Kylie?
"Nia : Kendall.
Rara : Kylie."

17. Matte or Glossy?
"Both : MATTEEEEE!!"

18. Okay, Last but not least, Fashion tips for the readers?
"Nia : Be true to yourself. Don't buy fake bag or fake clothes or fake shoes, just. please. DON'T. Like seriously you bought that Chanel bag for $20???! Like, SERIOUSLY?! Note to all of us, people can see the difference between the imitation and the real ones, and please don't embarrass yourself. It's not always about the brand you know? (I am not saying that brand is just an image, of course Chanel, Marc Jacobs, or some other brand are def good that will make your eyes out. But please, it was the real one.)
Fit your savings and money, buy some cool clothes, mix and match it, and bom, you got a whole new cool set better than one imitation Chanel bag. Your welcome.

Rara : When you want to buy something from the online shop, especially the online shop that running alone not in a big company, you should check it first, the fabric, the testimonial, is it trusted? Is it good? Is it real? You should do it. I have been buying something from online shop, what i ordered was red and it came white. Something like that, you should do some research first."

Nia : Top (local brand + DIY), Skirt (made by herself), Shoes (EZRA from
Rara : Top (Fleur from, Skirt (local brand), Shoes (Yongki Komaladi)


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