August 12, 2016

Coffee and How We Match



Long time no post!
We want to say the biggest thankyou to all of you guys because we just reached 1000+ viewers a month ago!

In this post, we were collaborated with Angel in Us Coffee Shop (ig: angelineus_id) and that's why we mentioned it in the post title.

Nia's wearing lace bralette with lace long skirt and Rara's wearing stripes off-shoulder jumpsuit.

While Nia's grunge and sexy-feminine, Rara choose to be simple and edgy.

(how it can be matched?)

The color, texture, and how we styled it, made it to be one combination of a different style.

And it is a prove that a different style can be in one frame without a "ew no" lines.

See you in the next post!
Hope you love it as much as we did. Xxx

Rara : Jumpsuit (Fleur from, Sandals (Iconinety9)
Nia : Bralette (localbrand), Skirt (avenue), Earrings (miina from, Shoes (Something Borrowed from


June 10, 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Print Trends


With the spring and summer 2016 Fashion Week runway shows done, from NYFW to LFW, Milan to Paris, and everywhere around the world, we can see a lot of the gorgeous spring/summer 2016 print trends that masterfully presented down the catwalks. 

From the pretty floral, abstract, geography and star, tie dye, and else, we can conclude that the print trends are definitely 'the bomb' for summer. 

In this post, Nia's wearing one piece printed suits while Rara's wearing a fun printed sweater. You can wear prints on prints like Nia's or you can add some neutral color like Rara did.

So what kind of style you want to try this summer?
- M&R x

Rara : Top (localbrand), Skirt (localbrand), Shoes (keds)

Nia : Top&Pant (Missty), Jacket (Spotlight), Heels (Stratto from


April 1, 2016



Victorian is the new chick in this era. And it's not go out of style yet...
Ruffles and Pleats, Puffy Sleeves, High-Collar Necklines, and Loads of Flowers.

If you think ruffles and pleats are so unstyle and old, you are wrong. There are so many option these day about ruffles and pleats that still make you a tots-amazing.

Nia choose the white high-slit skirt to paired the pleats shirt and rara choose the black skirt to paired the ruffle shirt.

Oh and yeah, we think this post it so adorable because our earrings and Nia's bag! who doesn't love little pony? No one. 

Her name is penelope btw. Xx

Nia: Top (Chocochips), Skirt (Esprita from, Shoes (Ezra from, Bag (Yayang)
Rara : Top (Cocolyn Apparel from, Skirt (Gaudi), Shoes (Yongki Komaladi), Earrings (@lure_id on instagram)


March 16, 2016



We were attending IFW day 4 and got an invitation to some show, but we were just watched Makeover at stage 1 because we were late to watch "Kebaya Wear" and other show #sadlife.

So here are what we wore at IFW and some show we captured. -

Nia : Top (Avenue), Bottom (Coup Belle from, Bag (Something Borrowed from, Shoes (Something Borrowed from, Headpiece (Yayang)
Rara : Top (Localbrand), Bottom (Stradivarius), Bag (Berrybenka from, Shoes (Nike)


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xx thankyou xx