November 27, 2016

Hogwarts Geek


Recently, our Hogwarts confirmation letter has arrived and now, we can't wait to go to the legendary Platform 9 3/4!!

We will learn magic at Hogwarts.
The fashion magic, 
and bring the new fashionable uniform from 20s era.

This post is inspired by school uniform, the geek-chic style.
But, let's be a bad-ass geeks! put your short A-line skirt and get an A in every subject you take.
School will never be boring no more, if we know how to make it fun. And it start from how we dressed.

See you at Hogwarts, peeps!

bag: on instagram
case: on instagram

Nia: Dress (Ada), Top (Local Brand), Shoes (H&M), Earrings (
Rara: Top (Colorbox), Skirt (Colorbox), Shoes (Nike), Bag (Jansport)


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