August 12, 2016

Coffee and How We Match



Long time no post!
We want to say the biggest thankyou to all of you guys because we just reached 1000+ viewers a month ago!

In this post, we were collaborated with Angel in Us Coffee Shop (ig: angelineus_id) and that's why we mentioned it in the post title.

Nia's wearing lace bralette with lace long skirt and Rara's wearing stripes off-shoulder jumpsuit.

While Nia's grunge and sexy-feminine, Rara choose to be simple and edgy.

(how it can be matched?)

The color, texture, and how we styled it, made it to be one combination of a different style.

And it is a prove that a different style can be in one frame without a "ew no" lines.

See you in the next post!
Hope you love it as much as we did. Xxx

Rara : Jumpsuit (Fleur from, Sandals (Iconinety9)
Nia : Bralette (localbrand), Skirt (avenue), Earrings (miina from, Shoes (Something Borrowed from


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