February 8, 2016

Luna Habit by Luna Maya


We are featuring Luna Habit by Luna Maya.
And you should check it out too, lunahabit.com.

Luna Habit is practically have the fresh and coolest piece, and it become our favorite, we think it will be your new favorite brand too, ahh.

In this post, Nia is wearing Luna Habit Full Pleats Colorful Skirt, while Rara is wearing Luna Habit Silk Top. So, dont forget to check it. Much love.

Rara : Top (Luna Habit), Skirt (Cocolyn Apparel from www.zalora.co.id), Shoes (ICONinety9)
Nia : Top (Something Borrowed from www.zalora.co.id), Skirt (Luna Habit), Shoes (ZALORA from www.zalora.co.id)


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